It’s been a while

March 5, 2015

I know, I know. My last attempt at posting a blog on here was in January of 2014. I’m pretty disappointed in myself for that, but then I’ve had a lot on my plate, things going on outside of the world wide web, life altering occurrences that just meant I didn’t have time to login to WordPress and write down my thoughts – I got married! I’m in the midst of a very stressful house move, my car died, we bought another car, that one died, I got promoted at work and have enjoyed added responsibility as Senior Designer at Numiko, I grew a beard, I’m freelancing, playing lots and lots and lots of Destiny…

When I look around now, one thing is certainly clear to me: My website looks old. At the time it got lots of press, a bit of fan fare, features on design blogs, even Chris Coyier tweeted about it at the time, I was very proud, I remember screenshotting the shit out of his tweet at the time. This design is the one I’ve kept for probably the longest ever time on my personal website.

Designing your own website is probably the hardest possible site to design, you have no time limits, no clients, you are the client and you change your mind every five seconds, so I’m pleased this one has lasted as long as it has, but its starting to feel a little… rusty.

It’s been hacked over the last month or so, taken offline, its having memory leaks to do with the WordPress database, hell, for long enough its said I’m a ’20-something designer’ on the homepage, I hit 30 last July (now updated)!

I’ve been working on something new, something ideally that doesn’t require WordPress to run. I want to showcase my work, both my agency work and my freelance work, I’ve got some really good projects that are now done and in the pipeline but currently have no way of showing those off, which, to be honest, was the whole point of my site originally – it’s ended up as a hub for my Etsy store (BUY MY PRINTS!) and these blogs, which as you know, haven’t happened for a year.

So stuff happens, life goes on and years seem to fly by in an instant. I’ll be back, with a new site, a more lightweight site, a site with actual work on it, and maybe some new products to sell too. Thanks to everyone who still visit my website, it means the world to me, I know you’re out there, thats what Google Analytics is for.

See you around. Soon. Hopefully.