Big Changes

May 2, 2017

Hey all,

As a few of you may know but most probably don’t, I’ve finally taken the career step that I’ve been planning to take for the last six years – I’ve handed my notice in at my current job as Senior Designer and am stepping out in to the big wide scary/exciting world of Freelance.

From the end of July I’ll be available for bookings related to both freelance design and frontend development (including WordPress).

I’ve taken what I consider to be a huge gamble; handing my notice in at somewhere I’ve thoroughly loved to work, with no freelance work lined up, no amazing financial buffers to back me up and just my name and (hopefully kinda good) reputation to fall back on but it’s a decision I’ve made and one that I’m really happy I finally did.

For the few people I have told already, they’ve all had the same response ‘you’ll do great, it’s what you always wanted to do’, so here I am. Will I do great? I hope so, but even if it doesn’t pan out, I can have no regrets and can always say that at least I gave it a really good go.

I hope you’ll all wish me luck. If you work at an agency and need additional resource then feel free to contact me.

I’d appreciate the shares on this post to help spread the word. Cheers!