January 14, 2013

After months of having up a store that wasn’t a store at all and with a live date for a real store that kept getting pushed back I’m finally glad to say that my store is now live!

I’ve spent months working on the two prints that are for sale currently on there but have enjoyed every minute of doing them, from the original concepts, to finally falling in love with Adobe Illustrator, to seeing proofs of the prints and finally getting them for sale.

The prints are based on two of my favourite things: Zelda and Twin Peaks and so if you don’t like that kind of thing there’s nothing on my store for you! But if you do like those kind of things, hopefully you like what you see and appreciate the work that’s gone in to them – they won’t be to everyones taste and this is the first real print work I’ve ever done but I’m still proud and I hope people like them.

The store is powered by Big Cartel which I have found a dream to use. It is hosted separately from this website and so if things change ever so slightly from site-to-site that’s why, I just couldn’t bug fix any longer whilst 100 prints laid around in my office!

Check out the store.