Time has flown!

March 15, 2013

Hey all, Nearly April already? Madness.

My blog still gets many visitors and I appreciate that massively, but feel bad as I aren’t keeping up with my end of the bargain – actually posting anything! So when there isn’t really anything else to say right now, what do you do, you do an ‘update post’ of course 😀

I’ve been exceptionally busy in my day job, first of all I am now moving over into doing design full-time. For those that know me, I got in to this industry as a designer about 7/8 years ago, and over that time, I became more and more recognised for doing front-end build, and when it got to the big leagues (the larger agencies) you are obviously hired more often than not for one set of skills and one set only – something I don’t personally agree with.

After working as a front-end developer at this agency for two years (which I loved), I moved to where I am now, which was still as a front-end developer, but with the opportunity to do more design whenever I could, Now after nearly a year of this role, I have been offered the chance to go full on with just design!

I have to say that, after doing the 50/50 role of design and development for nearly a year, it does take its toll, if you find it hard jumping between projects at your agency as it is, think of that, plus jumping between Photoshop/Illustrator and Coda for a better understanding!

I feel like I’ve come full circle, but I’m better now than I ever was then, at both skills. I feel like I am at a good level of front-end to bring some of that knowledge to the design side, and am excited to see how my design can improve over the next couple of years, especially with the talented designers I’ll be working with.

So that’s my day job. On a evening, I’ve been sketching, wireframing, branding and designing a new site that is a personal project with some of my dearest friends. I can’t say much more than that right now, but it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a few years between us and it’s finally happening. I’ll make sure to post about it when there’s more I can share!

Sales on my store have wound down significantly, which is a shame, if anyone knows of a good way to promote my prints, please leave a comment! Oh, and I just finished the new Tomb Raider on the 360 – go and buy it, brilliant game.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading.