Want but can’t have

September 17, 2012

So the Wii U has finally been added to all my favourite online retailers as a product I can now actually pre-order.

I waited for the UK announcement last Thursday at 3pm with baited breathe; expecting to find out every last, tiny detail about the new console – sadly they didn’t really give much away (typical Ninety), even down to the price, giving off a response of “We’ll let the retailers decide how much to charge”.

They did announce a HUGE exclusive in the form of Bayonetta 2 and told us a bit about the different bundles, some of the already announced games and bits of information about some of the controller accessories but there was no top secret Nintendo IP’s announced like I was hoping for such as my beloved Zelda…


I came away slightly disappointed about that, but thought overall that for once Nintendo had quite good third party support, good features, decent spec and a few great games at launch. It was only once the console ‘bundles’ hit online stores for pre-order however, that I realised that I simply won’t be getting one at launch.

Not anytime soon anyway, I find the price to be fairly high, especially compared to the Wii which launched at £180 a few years ago – upwards of £300 for the new console is quite a lot to fork out for – especially as we don’t know what the new Xbox and Playstation consoles could pack as far as content, games and spec yet.

I also think 32GB of flash memory in the ‘top bundle’ to be tiny, especially with Nintendo’s promise of lots of downloadable games and an improved online store, although you can add your own via SD cards, but I guess I was hoping for a fairly large hard drive in the WiiU.

I have seen on a few forums that the lack of a solid launch title such as a Zelda plus the price hasn’t just put me off but seems to have swayed a lot of other hardcore Nintendo fans from making this a definite day-one purchase to a ‘wait and see’.

I hope the WiiU is going to be a huge success for Nintendo, I really do, I just won’t be getting involved just yet…