Twin Peaks

October 18, 2012

If you ever watched Twin Peaks, the short lived Mark Frost and David Lynch series from 1990-1991, you either hated it, or you became practically obsessed with it (like I did), it seemed to garner such an emotional response from viewers and still does to this day – 22 years later.

It was either too ‘out there’ for viewers and didn’t make sense or you fell in love with the town, its residents and everything that revolved around the investigation of FBI agent Dale Cooper into the murder of local high school student Laura Palmer; a classic ‘Who Dunnit?’ that sadly was answered too early in the second series, something that Twin Peaks never recovered from and essentially affected it ever coming back for another series.

I was recommended Twin Peaks about 18 months ago and actually got it for Christmas last year, I couldn’t wait to watch it, I even persuaded my FiancĂ© to watch it too (an achievement in it’s own right), we instantly fell in love with it; the eerie town, pet logs, eye patches, super-human strength, red rooms, secret gangs and seedy clubs.

Twin Peaks was an excellent town with a great set of characters that surrounded the main story arch – the murder of Laura Palmer; something that at the time had TV audiences gripped.

So what happened to Twin Peaks?

Well apparently due to pressure to answer the question of who killed Laura Palmer from the network and fans, the answer was given to us midway through the second series, sadly it went from people dying to know, to wishing they didn’t and even though the reveal was excellent (no spoilers here) the fact that the game was up was almost too much for people to handle and effectively grounded Twin Peaks to a halt – story lines after this for the next 10+ episodes got more than silly, Lynch and Frost spent less and less time on set and overall the series became difficult to watch.

Director David Lynch did return for the final episode of the second series and it’s one of the best episodes of the entire show, but sadly too little, too late – Dwindling viewers, constant schedule move arounds from the network and crazier than normal story lines helped to bury Twin Peaks for it to never return for a third time and leave us with some unanswered story lines.

However, Twin Peaks is still a fantastic show, especially if you watch the entirety of the brilliant first series right up until the huge reveal of who killed Laura Palmer, it is one of the best things I could ever recommend for anyone to watch.

I found Twin Peaks so memorable that I have been working on a print based on the show, which includes certain memorable scenes and items from the world, you can actually see one small shot from one scene of the print currently on my store page which gives you an idea of the style of the print.

I will be putting up the finished print (including photographs of the printed article) and taking orders for it before 2012 is out – so stay tuned and thanks for reading!