The Antler Boy and Other Stories

January 8, 2013

Kickstarter, you got me again, I find myself constantly browsing it and constantly backing excellent ideas on there. It really is a great site and it’s brilliant that it’s allowing some very talented people out there to get their idea backed by fans with the fans in return getting a great product from the people creating the items.

This is what Jake Parker is doing with his new book The Antler Boy and Other Stores, a collection of short stories written and drawn by him over the last eight years.

This specific Kickstarter has been a massive success, Jake only required $6,000 to get the ball rolling on his plan to create and publish the book however 30 days laster the total was almost $80,000 more than he’d originally asked for!

I backed this project back in the middle of May and in this time Jake has done what all good Kickstarters should do and is keep their backers informed, what’s been going on? How far along is it from completion?, when it’s shipping? etc, All of Jakes updates (we’re now on update #30) have been very good with pictures to match including the one above of him signing lots of copies!

I’m hoping the book will be with me very soon after a long but worthwhile wait and will try and have a proper in-depth review of the book up shortly after that. I’m now going back to Kickstarter to see what other treasures I can find…