June 10, 2012

After all the hype and excitement originally surrounding Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus and then the disappointing reviews from magazines such as Empire, I was feeling a little wary about seeing Prometheus and what I would think of it – overall I was pretty disappointed.

The film has an amazing look and the 3D looked nice (though there aren’t particularly any outstanding 3D moments) and had one of the nicest title sequences I can remember in recent history but I found the film to give me way more questions than answers and overall feel like a bit of a filler movie for inevitable sequels.

Ridley Scott and LOSTs Damon Lindelof have been interviewed in the past saying that a sequel wasn’t set in stone for Prometheus but they wanted to leave certain things open incase they had the opportunity for another film – this is pretty much how the film pans out too with people leaving the cinema asking why this happened, what was the reasoning behind that (David with a glass of water…), and what was that bit all about.

In fact mentioning LOST is quite a good comparison, there is lots of build up, lots of beautiful locations with beautiful scenery, lots of wonder and mystery and then not much happens towards the end.

The film does do some things right however, the look as mentioned earlier is absolutely stunning, one of the nicest films I’ve seen recently with crisp visuals and beautiful scenery, the soundtrack is also wonderful. Also Michael Fassbender proves once again that he is an excellent actor with a stellar performance as David, but saying a film is worth seeing for the look and certain acting performances over a plot full of holes doesn’t seem particularly enticing.

Oh and one more thing, if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen probably around 90% of the films most important moments already.