August 10, 2012

I saw Drive the other day after a few recommendations from friends… It was brilliant!

The film stars Ryan Gosling as ‘The Driver’ an unnamed and very quiet character who by day is a Hollywood stunt man and by night is a getaway driver.

Gosling plays his character spot on, oozing cool and a whole bunch of serious when necessary, the supporting cast is also very good with standout performances from Albert Brooks and an always cool Ron Perlman.

The film looks and sounds amazing, it was brilliantly shot by director Nicolas Winding Refn and has a catchy as hell soundtrack provided by Cliff Martinez which, evokes a really cool 80’s vibe, from the tunes, to the hot pink logo, to Gosling’s jacket.

The film has had mixed reviews because of the storyline, some thought it was a poor some thought otherwise, some also said it’s all style over substance, I however felt that the film worked very well, the style is executed extremely well and the story is all it needed to be, especially with the performances put in from Gosling and Brooks.

Definitely recommended!