Cat Print

December 25, 2012

For Christmas this year I wanted to get my fiancĂ© something special, she loves all of our pets (we really do have enough for a zoo) but our cats are the pets that make our house a home, they are who keep her company when I’m away and they are the ones who get all the attention from her, so I decided that I would make her a print of the three of our cats: Daffney, Trogdor and Tango and wrap it up for her for Christmas.

The whole process was fairly straight forward, I did a rough sketch of the left cat (Daffney) for the shape and then took that in to Illustrator where I then added the additional details, All three cats were then the same but only distinguishable by their hair colours, however I felt that as all three cats are varying in size it’d make the cats more ‘obvious’ to my fiancĂ© who they were. I then tweaked the colours, made a few adjustments here and there and saved it as a PDF.

Once the print was finished, I took it to my local printer, I had it printed within 20 minutes and then purchased a frame and inlay from a local hardware store, done, wrapped and under the tree!

I did forget to put the clips back in the back of the frame though, I hope it won’t have all gone wonky!